Shivneri Timings

MSRTC Operates Volvo buses service under brand name "Shivneri" between many places within Maharastra. The major service is between Dadar-Pune-Dadar, the first Bus starts at 5.30 AM from Dadar and Pune station each and then after every 30 minutes till Midnight a bus departs. 

For other route Timings Follow the below instructions:
  1. From your mobile create a message as the format of
  2. get <space> from_station<space>to_station<space>time
                  Eg: get borivali pune M (and send it to 54646)

      3.  Time codes:
                               M - Morning
                               A - Afternoon
                               E - Evening
                               N - Night     
                  You wii receive a reply sms of bus timimgs.